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School Philosophy

Joey Moss School works to support the vision, mission, values and initiatives set by Edmonton Public Schools:


Enhancing pathways for student success.


Our commitment to high-quality public education serves the community and empowers each student to live a life of dignity, fulfillment, empathy and possibility.


Supporting the Vision, Mission and Priorities are the Division’s cornerstone values of accountability, collaboration, equity and integrity. 

Joey Moss School is more than just a place of learning - it’s a community! At Joey Moss school students, parents and staff work together to create a warm, welcoming school community. Together we support each student to take risks, develop resilience and achieve to their greatest potential. Our goal is to provide exceptional learning experiences for all students. 

Our school community is like a family and relationships are important to us! Our goal is to get to know each child as a learner and as an individual. This will allow our school staff to support each child on their learning journey. We believe the skills, knowledge and attitudes of each student should be developed to the fullest extent possible

Our school is designed with the principles of 21st Century Learning in mind. We provide multiple opportunities for collaboration, developing critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students at Joey Moss are actively engaged in hands on learning. Students have the opportunity to question, research, reflect and present their learning. 

Our students are LEADERS who contribute to the greater community!