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Lunch & Nutrition


To accommodate the medical needs of children with severe allergies at Joey Moss School, we promote allergy awareness and have a NUT AWARE policy.  The safety of all children is our first priority. Thank you for supporting this policy in the best interest of our children with severe and life-threatening allergies.


As an additional service to parents and caregivers, we are pleased to offer a supervised lunch program for students in Grades 1-8. It is the policy of Edmonton Public Schools that school lunch programs be operated at no cost to the Division. The school recovers the costs involved in providing this service. 

We hire parents and community members to be lunch time supervisors. If you are interested, please contact us at joeymoss@epsb.ca

  • Families register for lunch using the Division lunch form.
  • All Edmonton Public Schools set lunch fees using a standard formula. 
  • All students who stay for lunch at Joey Moss School pay lunchroom fees with the exception of Interactions students who take the bus.