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Traffic Flow

Joey Moss’s drive-through drop-off is a great feature of the school! It’s handy for parents in a hurry and great for students’ independence.
We have created the following set of rules in order to keep our parking and drive through safe and efficient for everyone. Please note the following:
1. Parents must stay in their vehicle. Children must exit from the passenger side, so please arrange your car seats accordingly. We will have volunteers to help open the door and unbuckle car seats if needed.
2. Primary drive through users MUST turn RIGHT to exit the school lot, secondary drive through users MUST turn LEFT to exit. If we have cars trying to cross into the other lanes this will lead to collisions.
3. When you enter the drive-through pull up all the way to the front.
4. All of your children must exit the vehicle at the same time. Please do NOT do two drop offs.
5. Children should only exit the vehicle along the STRAIGHT part of the sidewalk, NOT back where it begins to curve. If you need volunteer assistance, please continue to drive forward until one is available.
6. Please do not pull around slower vehicles. We greatly risk hitting a child crossing in the crosswalk if there is more than one lane of traffic trying to drive through.
7. Angle parking during drop off and pick up is for parents with students in kindergarten and our Interactions program ONLY. Drive through cars have the right of way and if you choose to use the angle parking you will have to wait until the drive through hours are over before exiting your parking space.
8. If you would like to wait with your child until they enter the school and they are not in kindergarten or Interactions, please use the street parking.

Drive through hours:
Morning 8:15 – 8:35
Afternoon 3:28 – 3:40

Please refer to this Traffic Map.