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School Council

Joey Moss School has a desire to engage with parents through School Council. Our School Council focuses on building a community at Joey Moss that works in collaboration with the Fundraising Society to sponsor events. As a member of the School Council, you are able to provide valuable input and gain insight into the education your child is receiving. Involvement also helps parents gain a greater understanding of the school and the educational process. All parents are encouraged to attend monthly meetings. Meeting information is posted for parents on SchoolZone.

Fundraising Society

The Joey Moss Fundraising Society runs fundraising events to provide financial support to enhance the education of all the children that attend Joey Moss School.  Fundraising meetings will follow School Council meetings each month. Watch SchoolZone for more information. 

The Fundraising Society is raising funds through events, grant applications and private donations to build a school playground.   We are working towards building a school playground to open fall 2024.  The Joey Moss Fundraising Society has raised 90% of the funds.  The school is currently accepting donations.  Cheques made out to Joey Moss School will receive a tax receipt.  Thank you to all our families who have donated:

Andrews, Anoveros, Bisht, Canniff, Chung/Shin, Congdon, Cornell, Davey, Earl, Gladue, Groves, Han, Imo, Johal, Khunkun, Li, Liu, Lui, Ma, Marshall, McCleary, McCooeye, Meidinger, Mendhiratta, Mertle, Miller, Moghrabi, Parry, Patel, Peiris, Peters, Petryshyn, Prowse, Sandhu, Schmidek, Sehn, Smelquist, Tam, Theede, Udoh, Uzokwe, Vasant, Wen, Yang/Park, Yuan, Zhang, Zhong/Wu